Slimming World Weigh in with Support

(Pictured center is Lou Mycroft and Karen Holmes, third right, with staff, peer support workers and clients)

A Slimming World group in Mexborough has donated a thousand five pence pieces for Aspires New Beginnings.

The group at Mexborough Business Centre, led by Lou Mycroft, Slimming World Consultant, decided to give up their spare change from their £4.95 weekly subscription fees and donate the money to helping people in recovery.

It took just four weeks for the group to achieve their goal and once they had reached their target, Lou and fellow Slimming World member Karen Holmes dropped £50 off at New Beginnings.

Neil Firbank, Senior Day Programme Practitioner, said: “We are very grateful to Lou, Karen and all the members of Mexborough Slimming World for thinking of us.  Every penny really does count and on behalf of the team here I want say a big thank you. The money will be put towards our new allotment project which supports the recovery of our clients.”

Lou told us: “Many people’s lives are touched by drug and alcohol addiction. It may not seem like much, but we wanted to do what little we could to help people in recovery at New Beginnings.”

Find out more about New Beginnings and Aspire here

Published 22nd March 2018

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