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First alcohol session for apprentices delivered

In January 2011 the manager of the Community Alcohol Service (CAS) in Scunthorpe and a representative from TATA Steel Occupational Health department met to discuss support for people with an alcohol problem. With the full support and backing of the Unions and Human Resources department, CAS lent its support and expertise to the development of the TATA alcohol in the work place policy.

Training in alcohol interventions delivered to the Occupational Health Department, enabled the delivery of in house support to employees who need it. For employees with more complex or difficult problems, a pathway to the Community Alcohol Service was agreed.

The commitment from TATA extends to prevention and there is a Health promotion conference for apprentices which forms a part of their induction and within which specific sessions on alcohol are delivered.

This new approach was launched early in 2011 at a health day in TATA when information and screening were available to all employees

The Alcohol & Drug Service is happy to support or advise employers as necessary, supporting events, providing service information and in developing referral pathways.  For further information please contact: 01482 320606


Published 1st April 2016

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