Annual Report

The Alcohol and Drug Service (ADS) works in partnerships throughout Yorkshire and Humberside to support people affected by substance misuse to make positive change. Over the 2019/20 period, we have faced many challenges, as has the rest of the world, but we are pleased that throughout the pandemic we have successfully continued to offer high quality services to those in need.

The statistics say it all – people using ADS services saw a notable benefit to their overall wellbeing; psychological health improved by 27% and physical health improved by 17% – Every week, 52 weeks a year, 9 people left our services substance free and did not return to treatment. The charity strives to ensure that as much money as possible goes straight to those in need and this year, 96% of our expenditure was on direct service activities.

Tim Young, Chief Executive of ADS looking back on the year said

“I cannot begin to adequately describe how everyone who works for and with ADS has responded to the crisis. I am in awe of what has been achieved in the face of some of the most extreme circumstances, challenges and risks many will have faced in their professional career.

“Despite the challenges, people continued to receive one-to-one contact and support. Without exception everyone who works for or with us has responded to ensure we could continue to offer support in the most difficult circumstances.”

“We knew that drug and alcohol use in the workplace had been detrimental to businesses for many years and a CIPD employee survey published this year reported that 27% of employees said their alcohol consumption had increased as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and related restrictions. I am excited at the prospect of our new service Generis, which offers help to employers and employees alike, contributing to improving employees’ health while supporting the economic recovery of the UK.”

Jonathon Boddy, Chair on the Board of Trustees, also reflected:

“If somewhere towards the close of 2019 I was beginning to write my Chairman’s words for the annual report, I would definitely be highlighting another year of significant achievement at ADS. I would also be writing about how over the course of 2019 our innovative Generis project has moved from idea into reality, the initial reaction to pilot schemes and how the future looks really positive for the project. “

“I would describe 2019 as a year of innovation of deepening relationships, of maturing services, excellent financial management and overall continued success. Continuing to deliver our services to those who need them, under the conditions we have experienced through 2020 has been nothing short of astounding.”

“Throughout the course of COVID-19 I have heard remarkable stories of how people across ADS have done amazing things to help those who need us. What COVID-19 has shown is that we have leaders across ADS, in all our services and in our central team.”

The annual report also provides information about the successes of other local services: Aspire, Access and Liaison Service, The East Riding Partnership, Hull Primary Care Addiction Service and Generis.

Overall, despite the challenges, 2019/20 has been another productive year for the Alcohol and Drug Service as we continue to create lasting positive change in the lives of those who use our services.

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Published 9th November 2020

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