Cut back on the booze to reduce your risk of bowel cancer

Grimsby drinkers are being urged to cut back on the booze in a bid to reduce their risk of developing bowel cancer.

April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and Foundations Drug and Alcohol Service is encouraging people to seek advice and support to help them reduce their intake – or give up all together – to avoid developing the UK’s third most common cancer.

Service Manager Melanie Farley said: “Most people aren’t aware of the link between alcohol consumption and cancer.

“Bowel cancer is life threatening and recent scientific studies suggest it’s not just heavy drinkers who are at risk – drinking even small amounts can significantly increase your risk of developing it.

“Many people know they’re drinking too much, but don’t know how to make that step to reduce their intake – that’s where we come in – by providing free, confidential support and advice. If just takes one phone call to start getting help.”

“If you are feeling a bit shy, why not take our simple test here you can leave your contact details and we’ll get in touch with you.”


Anyone who would like a confidential chat with someone about their drinking, or support due to a family member’s drinking can ring Foundations on (01472) 571200.

Published 4th April 2017

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