Digging for Victory

Two months ago ASPIRE managed to secure an allotment. Currently each Saturday a team from ASPIRE and members of staff are there working hard to clear and prepare the ground ready for planting, and there is certainly a lot to do.

Trees have been cleared with a bit of brute force and determination. It's amazing what can be achieved with a hand saw a piece of rope and three willing volunteers make short work of a tree.
The group take things seriously and have in fact used some serious equipment when  needed – check out the dumpers! 

The team have big plans and are aiming to have a veg section, a herb garden, a salad section, a seating area and a corner where parents and children can get involved together with planting and growing.

Recent developments have been the donation of a shed and greenhouse and there are plans to approach garden centres and DIY companies for help in the near future.

The group have settled in well and the other allotment members have been fantastic, and many have been happy to help with advice and donations of plants and timber.

As you can see, despite all the hard work everyone has retained their sense of humour and are having a ball. Here the first bio-degradable item is placed in the composter! 

Progress has been good and everyone is excited about the prospect of planting and harvest!Follow the progress on our facebook page where regular photos and comments are posted.

Dumpers on the allotment


Lorraine in the compost bin

Published 9th July 2013

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