Digging Recovery

There’s nothing better than getting out and enjoying the fresh air but some people don’t have the luxury of their own garden or resources to create a relaxing open space.  At Foundations we have an allotment on the Littlefield Lane site, Grimsby supported by peer mentors Dave and Chris.

Anyone who attends Foundations can come down to the allotment and use it as part of their recovery plan.  We want people to come down whether they are into gardening or not, it’s not just about digging up the weeds; it’s about making friends with other people in recovery, people in the community, getting outdoors and having some fun. It gives a great sense of achievement and purpose and who knows you may end up taking home some fresh produce. We even have hens so you could end up with fresh eggs

People can come down to the plot and take ownership of a small area and use it to grow their own vegetables. We are keen for more people to enjoy the fresh air and are even thinking of expanding what we do on the allotment to include things like art, writing, crafting, make planters and much more.

We are in the early stages of the growing season with the tomatoes and cucumbers beginning to creep up the canes in the poly tunnel. The lettuce is well established, the potatoes are just showing their leaves and the onions and leeks we planted last year are ready to be harvested. So now’s the time to get involved.

The plot is there to be enjoyed by everyone in recovery.

Last year (2016) the allotment was put forward for the national Marsh Award for Exceptional Activity in the Field of Recovery.  It won first prize and Chris made the trip to London to receive the award on behalf of everyone who had made it such a success.

Last harvest festival our crop was so good that we had a surplus of fruit and vegetables which we donated to the women’s aid centre.

If you would like more information on the allotment and how to contact Foundations please click here

Published 13th June 2017

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