East Riding Day Programme Offers Route to Recovery

Becoming drug or alcohol free is just a step on the road to recovery and for many people re-establishing themselves back in the community and building a fulfilling life is the most challenging part of their recovery journey.

The Aftercare Service played host to John Skidmore – Director of Corporate Strategy and Commissioning (East Riding of Yorkshire council) at the day programme – and were able to show him around.

Shelagh Wilkyn (Team Leader) explained how the voluntary sector (The Alcohol & Drug Service), NHS (Humber NHS Foundation Trust) and adult social care (East Riding of Yorkshire Council) came together to design and deliver the programme which provides an accessible local resource. Providing the latest element in a comprehensive treatment system, the community programme utilises local networks to offer an effective alternative to more expensive, out of area, residential services.

Peer mentors, people who have been through it themselves, are an integral part of the programme and offer first hand experience and support. All peer mentors are qualified through an accredited training programme and are supported by Humbercare.

Kirsty Young (Senior Programme Worker) said “it’s a great example of local health and social care services coming together to create a high quality resource for local people which delivers value for money”

For further information on the service click here or phone 01482 230606


In the photo;Left to right are:

Kirsty Young – Alcohol and Drug Service (ADS) East Riding Alcohol Aftercare Service (ERAAS) Senior Programme Worker, Carl- Peer Mentor Humber Care, Tony Margetts -Substance Misuse Manager East Riding Public Health, Scott – Peer Mentor Humbercare, Dave Reade – Humbercare Team Leader, Terri Wells – ADS Practitioner , John Skidmore – Director of Corporate Strategy and Commissioning (East Riding of Yorkshire council), Shelagh Wilkyn – ERAAS Team Leader and Gemma Banks – ERAAS Practitioner.

Published 24th March 2015

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