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Generis has a track record of working with a wide range of partners including those in safety critical industry.

Our evidence based approach offers a bespoke and unique way of managing the risks posed by drug and alcohol use in the workplace. Over thirty years experience and a proven track record of developing and delivering effective training enables us to offer a comprehensive approach for your company.

What we Offer

We can offer tailored advice and support to help you

  • Identify enhancements to an existing approach
  • Develop a tailored approach from scratch
  • Develop bespoke training for all staff groups whatever their function or role in the company
  • Develop a company culture which supports the effective management of the risks associated with drug and alcohol use at work.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Many companies have in place drug and alcohol testing policies and regimes. Our unique service works alongside this to create a comprehensive and effective approach by managing the gaps in testing regimes, enhancing support for those affected and changing the workforce culture.

  • Some drugs cannot or are not tested for and yet they can significantly impair cognition and increase Health & Safety risks e.g. steroids and some synthetic drugs
  • Some drugs stay in the system for longer periods of time than others
  • The cognitive impairment effect of some drugs extends beyond the time within which an employee would test positive e.g. alcohol
  • Some drugs are detectable through a test long after their cognitive impairment effect on the consumer. This means an employee may test positive having taken a substance several weeks ago in a country where a substance is legal and; they are not intoxicated at work so pose no risk to their own or others safety and they have broken no laws e.g. cannabis

Embedding the Approach

We understand that the root issue is Health & Safety and this underpins our approach focusing instead on the risk to employees.

  • This avoids entering into debates or discussions regarding the rights and wrongs of the legal status of one substance against another
  • Enables the approach to be embedded in existing Health & Safety structures and procedures
  • Enables the approach to be relevant across larger companies which may operate across territories with differing legal position

Our offer is flexible providing a bespoke model for the customer that supports and is embedded in the existing framework of policies and procedures.


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