Hot Dog on the Humber Bridge

Charlie Paterson did the Humber Bridge Half Marathon – 24th June 2018 in support of the Recovery Games. This is his story

My challenge was running the Humber Bridge Half Marathon (13.2 miles) to raise awareness and funds for the Recovery Games. It was a tough challenge for me as not only had I been working away in China and Brussels so did not get very long to train, I also did the race wearing a hot dog costume! To make matters worse 2 weeks before the race I tore a ligament in my ankle playing rugby.   I decided that I was still going to complete the race and strapped my ankle up however, due to this I only managed to do one 6 mile training session.  Despite this I still managed to complete the challenge in 2 hours and 10 minutes.

The hot dog costume was quite thick and I found it hard with the weather being really hot (25 degrees).  It was extremely hard when I was running up ‘Cardiac Hill’. They call it this as it is a steep hill where most people start struggling and it was at this point I helped a man who was dressed in a wedding dress by spurring him on to finish the race.

The race really did test my strength, stamina and determination to the limit as you can imagine but I had also had loads of laughs from people shouting innuendos at me in my costume on the way around.  I absolutely loved having the spectators supporting everyone running and encouraging us all on.

When I had completed the race despite feeling sweaty, hot and exhausted I also felt relieved and elated.  My partner and our children were there to meet me. My partner said she was really proud of me considering I completed it with hardly any training, in a costume with a torn ligament and in the hot and humid conditions.

It means so much to me and I am so pleased I have helped in raising awareness for The Recovery Games. The Games offer an exciting platform for people in treatment and recovery working alongside friends, family and other members of their community to have fun and build on connecting with each other in new ways without using any substances.

THANK YOU CHARLIE see you at the games

Published 17th July 2018

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