News From Around ADS: issue 2

Welcome to another round up of the good, the bad and the decidedly odd news and views from around the ADS

What’s it like starting a new job during lockdown?

Read Judiths  experience New job in Lockdown Judith Markham


What have Generis been up to in lockdown?

Offering industry support in managing drugs and alcohol use in the workplace Generis had built a reputation of delivering a high quality effective service.

The offer was based on the delivery of on site support and advice. Then came lockdown and all things on site stopped. So what have Generis been doing since?

Here Laura tells us that despite the sudden change  Generis have been very busy during Lockdown

Tims Rescue Animals

Read another tale of the odd set of rescue animals that have found their way to Tim over the years. This issue features a rescue Katydid.

Read the sorry tale of the Rescue Katydid