PAWS get a hand

Great news we have been successful in securing funding to ensure the women’s group future for the next 12 months.

PAWS (Positive Approach to Women’s Success), is a group specifically for women in recovery from alcohol and/or drug misuse and has been running as a pilot for the last 9 months.  There was so much positive feedback from group members that we just had to find some funding.

The group offers a safe and supportive environment to make friends, build support networks and learn new skills. As important as these things are feeling good and developing a sense of wellbeing is equally important. In the words of one group member “We all seem to have a lot of fun!”

The funding will enable the group to hire a suitable meeting place and hold more frequent weekly meetings. A venue has already been identified which has a kitchen so the group can share cookery skills and recipes and; facilities to wash equipment. So, it looks like there may be more of this on the way soon

During the pilot phase, the group worked really hard to put on activities but with no funding this was no easy task. With the new funding the group is planning to re-launch with a full timetable of activities.

A big thanks must go to all those who have helped the pilot get going, Jenny Rayner who led the quest for funding and of course Evans Cornish Grass Root Fund who have kindly provided funding

Published 28th April 2015

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