Don’t give up. I did it!!

My problem has been with me for years but came alive two and half years ago when work dropped off.


I had more time on my hands slowly the drink crept into the day time.  After loosing six months of my life to this I thought it was time to quit.  Two weeks later I did and had a seizure (never stop without advice).  After a trip to the doctors they put me on antidepressants.  The drink raised its ugly head again, after a few arguments with my wife I walked to the junction.


The junction put me on a programme, the staff were so helpful.  If I took a step back they helped me to take three forward.


Over time the sky cleared, the drink stopped and things are now looking up.


I am working again, training to become a volunteer for the alcohol and drug service.


Don’t give up. I did it!!



Published 11th February 2013

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