I am reducing my drinking

This week I have seen my CPN and parents. My parents took me shopping and, for a walk with their dog which was lovely, it was great to see them.

I am reducing my drinking and have set a limit of one small glass of wine as my current goal. The next step will be to introduce some drink free days to my week

I have applied to volunteer for MIND and they contacted me this week and told me that I had been accepted. It’s great news and has put me in a good mood. I went to the training on Wednesday which was very good and I met some lovely people.

Afterwards I let myself down by going to the pub and I drank too much wine. During the night I felt terrible and very guilty and the guilt continued for the rest of the day. I told myself never again. The next day I had a walk into Cottingham and didn’t go into a pub, I had a small glass of wine in the evening at home.

The best thing that has happened to me this week has been the MIND training. I cannot wait to start as soon as my CRB has come through. Helping others is what I want to do. It was also lovely seeing my parents.

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Published 29th August 2012

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