I was 13/14 when I had my first drink

I was 13/14 when I had my first drink, me and my mates drinking Sherry we bought from a local ‘beer off’.   I’ve never touched Sherry or Port since.

End game – drinking neat, by this time my children began to show disapproval and disgust by taking photos of me crashed out in drink.  I needed to admit to myself I had a problem – I couldn’t carry on the way I was going.  I went to my local GP who referred me to ADS, I went with my partner for my first visit.  From that moment I said to myself that this was the point of no return.  The balancing act was over – the booze and the highs of being intoxicated was no match for the good health and improved self-esteem of being sober.  I began to feel good about myself again – no deceit, dishonesty, no hangovers, or beer breath the next day.  I’ve learnt that alcohol is not the necessity I’ve thought it was for years, but it was something that had become a major problem in my life and if I was to carry on the good life then alcohol would play no part in it.

It helped that I had someone to speak to, guidance.  I have enjoyed the process; I’ve embarked on a period of abstinence and attend a weekly group where we share all our thoughts and experiences with alcohol.  I am happier now.


Published 20th April 2012

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