I was in denial; now the world is a brighter place

“I was a drinker but I was also in denial that I had a problem with alcohol. I convinced myself daily that it was OK to have the odd one or two or more glasses of wine. You can always find an excuse why you need a drink, maybe a family crisis or some other drama that is happening in your life until you realise you will lose your family, friends and job.

“It’s not easy admitting you may need help and support with a drinking problem. But at the end of the day there is only one person that can help you and that is yourself and the willpower to do so. There is plenty of support waiting for you at ADS.

“But it does take time and you will have bad days where you will really want a drink. The first few weeks are the hardest but once you get past that stage you will be so proud of yourself for such a massive achievement and the world is a much brighter place to be.”

Published 26th November 2011

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