I’ve been seeking help for mental health problems for 10 years

I have been seeking help for my mental health problems for approximately 10 years now. I have had countless counselling sessions and been on many anti-depressants. My problems were low confidence and self-esteem, relationship problems, depression, isolating myself, bad social skills etc. never in a million years would I have linked my alcohol abuse to these. In fact I always thought of them as my non-alcohol related problems.
I have been using this service since July now and every session and group I have attended has gradually helped me work through each and every problem I’ve had since becoming abstinent. I am back to my old, happy self and I am doing more with my life now. I cannot thank Richard enough for helping me to do this. I am very sad to be finished here, but excited all the same for the many happy years to come.
Thank you ADS!
Please put this on the website for others to see. I hope that you can help many other people as much as you’ve helped me!

Published 4th April 2013

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