Kenny: I was ruining my life with one massive bender

My name is Kenny and for longer than I care to remember, I have been alcohol dependant.

I started drinking heavily in my teens. And, until 2½ years ago, I didn’t slow down at all. Basically I was on one massive bender, which lasted years.

When I came to my senses, I cut my alcohol intake dramatically but not before paying a hefty price. I lost half a dozen jobs, had three failed relationships and my family gave up on me as well.

The thing that really hurts and upsets me most is the fact my youngest daughter was taken from her mum and put into care. I fought as hard as I could to be given residency but deep down I knew that having been alcohol dependant for so long, I had no chance of keeping my daughter with me.

Alcohol ruined a large part of my life but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With the help of ADS my alcohol intake is way down, my health is a lot better and my motivation is sky-high, in everything I do.

I now look forward to getting up in a morning and can’t wait to find out what that day has in store for me.

Alcohol will never control me or my life again.

Kenny S

Published 10th January 2012

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