Sara: Christmas was tough…

Christmas can be challenging!

Christmas 2011 was not the best time for me however, it was my first alcohol free Christmas. I had a lot thrown at me over the Christmas period, so if ever there was a time to test my abstinence, it was then

I had been in a long-term relationship and was due to get married when my partner walked out two weeks before Christmas. I had relied on him for everything – so it was very hard. Instead of drinking though, I turned to family, friends, crying, writing and willpower to get me through. I had to stay strong for my daughter; it was her Christmas too and wanted to prove to myself and her that I could do a alcohol-free Christmas.

I had a lot of dark days, but used my family and friends to get me through, even if it was often just texting them.

I considered it an awful Christmas but now looking back, over 19 weeks of abstinence, I can actually pick out good times with my daughter and family, and I am proud that I did it all without a drink.

Throughout all this I have attended the ADS groups and one-to-ones. This has been an amazing support to me and got me though my lowest times. The groups have been good. To be around people in the same boat and not be judged, combined with my one-to-one sessions to deal with my personal issues, has been a good balance.

Published 10th January 2012

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