Aspire Alcohol Early Intervention Team


The Alcohol Early Intervention Team is for people who may be drinking more than they should but who may not need medical or long term support. There are many people in this position and who, with some short term help can make changes which can make a big difference to them, their family and friends.

The service is not about formal clinical treatment but giving people information and offering support so they can make healthy lifestyle choices.

Who is the service for?

The service is designed to help people who perhaps wouldn’t normally use our services, who may be quite high functioning holding down a job, have a home and supportive family and friends, but are finding that their alcohol consumption has been increasing. For some this impacts on their ability to enjoy and thrive. The service aims to help them manage their drinking within safe tolerances, so they don’t become dependent on alcohol.

Some people with long term health problems and don’t understand how alcohol can impact and amplify their condition or create associated health risks. Drinking more later in life can also cause problems, which we explain in our education sessions.

What does the service offer?

From 6 to 12 guided sessions, due to covid restrictions these may be delivered confidentially over the internet or by telephone however as circumstances change we aim to return to offering  some face-to-face sessions within the community later in the year. The sessions help people understand how increased drinking affects the mind and body and ultimately lifestyle choices and abilities.

How can you get in touch?

Phone: 01302 730 956 and quote ‘early’


download the leaflet Alcohol Early Intervention Team

Does it work?

Don’t take our word for it check out what the people who have used the service think.




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