Stephen Reflects on Recovery on the Conti Thunder Run

Stephen Mitchell Recovery Worker at ASPIRE tells the story in his own words of how he completed the Conti Thunder run and raised over £650 for The Recovery Games

I made it

It went really well. The course was tough and had lots of steep inclines (over 2000ft in total), the weather didn’t help us, from torrential downpours to baking sunshine, it really tested me.

I completed 4 x 10k laps with a total running time of 3 hours 46 minutes 56 seconds which I am really happy with – my individual lap times were:

1st lap – 57:52; 2nd lap – 54:24; 3rd lap – 59:49; 4th lap – 55:31

The story of the run 

I set off far too quickly on the first lap, was over confident and was questioning whether I could do this.  I had a word with myself, finally caught my breath and finished the lap.  The remaining laps I paced myself and just focused on one step at a time.

My quickest was the second lap, after a torrential downpour which made the course really boggy and was treacherous under foot, could have done with some skis but managed to stay on my feet!

The third lap was at 3am which was surreal. The mud had dried up slightly but was still difficult and with no natural light I had to really watch every step.

My final lap I was just thrilled I had got to this point after questioning myself and why I was doing this during the first lap.  I was smiling the whole way round, don’t know if this was down to the fact I was delirious after just 2 hours sleep or I was just buzzing to have made it.  The support and cheers of people watching really pulled me home.

We had a fantastic team of us who all played their part and pulled together over the weekend, supporting one another, cooking wood fired pizza and generally being amazing!

Reflecting on Recovery

I was reflecting the whole way round what recovery means to me and the fact I am in a position where I am fit and healthy and able to push my body to the limits fills me with gratitude.  This is what the Recovery Games mean to me also, an event where people take part, not defined by addiction but celebrating recovery.  I am over the moon to do my bit to help support this event


Stephen Mitchell

Published 25th July 2019

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