Suicide Prevention Webinars for ‘Movember’ Men’s Health Month

Suicide Prevention Webinars for ‘Movember’ Men’s Health Month

Laura Jarvis from Generis will be joining speakers at a webinar on Substance Misuse, Hope and Recovery and Gambling.

The Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership has joined forces with Hull City Council’s Public Health Team to launch a series of free webinars during the first two weeks of November – to coincide with Movember.

The webinars, aimed at employers, employees and members of the public, are designed to increase knowledge and understanding around mental health, particularly suicide prevention.

Guest speakers will talk about gambling, addictions, substance misuse, and hangovers in the workplace. Powerful stories will also be shared by people with lived experience who have found the courage/support to continue to live.

According to the Office for National Statistics, there were 5,691 suicides registered in England and Wales in 2019 – which amounts to around one death by suicide every 90 minutes. Yorkshire and Humber had some of the highest rates in the country. A survey carried out by mental health charity Mind indicates that one in six employees has experienced depression, anxiety or unmanageable stress in the workplace.

Focusing on recovery from substance misuse and the effect of hangovers in the workplace, Laura will highlight the impact on mental health.

The topics covered will include lived experience of suicidal ideation and loss through suicide as well as content which looks at the links with suicide, for example, debt or addictions. 

To register for the Monday 9th November (1:30-3pm) – Substance Misuse, Hope and Recovery and Gambling webinar, click here

Published 4th November 2020

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