A Big Thank You

We would like to send a personal thank you to everyone who fund-raises for The Alcohol & Drug Service – so don’t forget to request your Thank You Certificate!

How to get your certificate

If you make a donation and would like a Thank You certificate then;

Donated on line

If you’ve paid in your money online, send your confirmation email to giving@ads-uk.org and let us know you’d like a certificate.

Sent a cheque or cash

Add a note in with your cheque requesting the certificate and giving us your name and contact details

Not sure what to do?

email us and ask or phone 01482 320606 and ask for Jenny
Remember to let us know your address, and the name you’d like on your certificate!

Roll Of Honour




 The Hugh Neill Charity  Donation  Oct 2022
 Yoga with Kim Hayman  Donation  Aug 2022
 The Joseph & Annie Cattle Trust  Donation  July 2022
 J W Chapman Trust  Donation  May 2022
Sylvia and Colin Shepherd Charitable Trust  Donation  Jan 2022
 The Rest Harrow Trust  Donation  Jan 2022
 Joseph Rank Foundation  Hull Services  Jan 2022
 GXO Logistics  The Recovery Games  Jan 2022
 Sir James Reckitt Charity  Donation  Dec 2021
 The Hugh Neill Charity  Doncaster Donation  Nov 2021
 Aspire Team: The Equinox24 Challenge  Donation: Recovery Games 2022  Oct 2021
 The Liz and Terry Bramall Trust  Donation  Oct 2021
 The Mother Humber Memorial Fund  Donation  Aug 2021
 The Joseph and Annie Cattle Trust  Donation  May 2021
 The Michael & Anna Wix Charitable Trust  Donation  Feb 2021
 John William Chapman Earlsmere Trust  Doncaster  Feb 2021
 Paddys Funeral Charity Donation  Recovery Games  Jan 2021
 The Sylvia & Colin Shepherd Trust  Donation  Dec 2020
 The Rest-Harrow Trust  Donation  Nov 2020
 The Hugh Neill Charity  Doncaster Recovery  Sept 2020
 The Linmardon Charitable Trust  Donation  Sept 2020
 Mother Humber Memorial Fund  Donation  July 2020
 Joseph Boaz Charitable Trust  Donation  July 2020
 Joseph & Annie Cattle Trust  Donation  June 2020
 Liz & Terry Bramall Foundation  Donation  May 2020
 The Middleton Fund  Donation  May 2020
 The Mother Humber memorial Trust  Donation  May 2020
 New Beginnings Xmas Fayre  Recovery Games  Dec 2019
 The Sir James Reckitt Charity  Donation  Dec 2019
 Joseph Rank Benevolent Fund  Donation  Dec 2019
 DMBC  The Recovery Games  Nov 2019
 Hugh Neill Charity  Aspire donation  Oct 2019
 The Samuel Storey Family Charitable Trust  Donation  Oct 2019
 Club Doncaster Foundation  Social action project for Recovery Games  Oct 2019
 Ethypharm  The Recovery Games  Aug 2019
 Sylvia & Colin Shepherd Charitable Trust  Donation  Aug 2019
 Stephen Mitchell (Conti Thunder Run)  The Recovery Games  July 2019
 Breaking Free Online  The Recovery Games  July 2019
 The Therapy Centre Bridlington  The Recovery Games  July 2019
 The May Hearnshaw Charitable Trust  Donation  July 2019
 The Linmardon Trust  Donation  June 2019
 Andy Chilvers  Donation  June 2019
 Adele Tremere  Donation  June 2019
 Jane Bilsland  The Recovery Games (3 Peaks Challenge)  June 2019
 Ashleigh Hirst  Donation (Hull 10K)  June 2019
 The Hepatitis C Trust  Donation  June 2019
 Joseph Boaz Trust  Donation  May 2019
 The Joseph and Annie Cattle Trust  Donation  April 2019
 Kirkham Recovery Voice  Recovery Games  April 2019
 The John William Chapman Earlesmere Trust  Donation (Doncaster Services)  April 2019
 Mother Humber Memorial Fund  Donation (Hull Service)  April 2019
 The Reuben Foundation  Donation  Mar 2019
 Michael and Anna Wix Charitable Trust  Donation  Feb 2019
 Mutual Aid Group  Donation  Feb 2019
 Paypal  Donation  Feb 2019
 Christmas Fayre  Peer Mentors  Jan 2019
 Mutual Aid Group  Donation  Jan 2019
 Triton Power  Donation  Jan 2019
 The Joseph Rank Benevolent Fund  Donation: Hull Primary Care Service  Dec 2018
 The F P Finn Charitable Trust  Donation: Hull Primary Care Service  Dec 2018
 The Rest Harrow Trust  Donation  Dec 2018
 The Hugh Neill Charity  Donation for Aspire  Nov 2018
Carriers for Causes team – Groundwork UK  Grant for Recovery Games  Oct 2018
 John Wattam  5K swim Recovery Games  Sept 2018
 The George A Moore Foundation  Donation  Sept 2018
 The Normanby Charitable Trust  Donation  Aug 2018
 The National Lottery – Awards For All  Recovery Games  Aug 2018
 Healthwatch Doncaster  Mens Mental Health  Aug 2018
 Lynne Andrews  Total Warrior The Recovery Games  July 2018
 Charlie Patterson (Hot Dog)  Humber Bridge Half Marathon The Recovery Games  July 2018
 Elizabeth Grace  National 3 Peaks Challenge The Recovery Games  July 2018
 Shona Bruno  National 3 Peaks Challenge The Recovery Games  July 2018
 The Incorporated Trustees of the Nunburnholme Trust  Donation  July 2018
 Rotary Club of Doncaster St. George’s  Recovery Games  June 2018
 Scott Lane Recovery Games Sponsored Walk  June 2018
 Hull & East Riding Charitable Trust  Donation  June 2018
 The Mollie Croysdale Charitable Trust  Donation  June 2018
 The Joseph and Annie Cattle Trust  Donation  June 2018
 East Riding SMART Recovery group  Recovery Games  May 2018
 Anonymous  Recovery Games Donation  May 2018
 New Beginnings Easter Fair  Recovery Games  April 2018
 The Whitecourt Charitable Trust  Donation  April 2018
 Breaking Free On Line  Donation to Recovery Games 2018  April 2018
 The J W Wright Trust  Donation  April 2018
 Slimming World Mexborough  Donation, Aspire New Beginnings  Mar 2018
 The Bergne-Coupland Charity  Donation  Feb 2018
 Ann Rylands Small Donation fund  Donation  Jan 2018
 The Joseph Boaz Charitable Trust  Donation  Dec 2017
 Hugh Neill Charity  Donation for Aspire Doncaster  Oct 2017
 Exceed Logistics  Banner for Recovery Film Show  Oct 2017
 Tape2Tape  Donation for supporting Grimsby 10K  Oct 2017
 Oaktrees York; Changing Lives  Donation for 2018 Recovery Games  Sept 2017
 Phoenix Futures (Sheffield)  Donation for 2018 Recovery Games  Aug 2017
Changing Lives  Donation for 2018 Recovery Games  Aug 2017
 Amber Lodge (RDaSH)  Donation for 2018 Recovery Games  Aug 2017
 The George A Moore Foundation  Donation  Aug 2017
 The Samuel Storey Family Charitable Trust  Donation  July 2017
 E K Harding Charitable Trust  Donation  July 2017
 The Sir James Reckitt Charity  Donation  May 2017
 The Reuben Foundation  Donation  May 2017
 The Joseph & Annie Cattle Trust  Donation  May 2017
 Doncaster Health Watch Micro Grant Award  Donation  April 2017
 J W Chapman Earlesmere Trust  Donation  April 2017
 Anonymous  Recovery Games Donation  Mar 2017
 Lucy Campbell  Normanby Hall Run  Mar 2017
 Sheffield Alcohol Support Service  Recovery Games Donation  Feb 2017
 DMBC  Recovery Games Donation  Feb 2017
 Anon  Donation  Feb 2017
 Lucy Campbell  The Lunacy Sponsored Run  Jan 2017
 Lizzi Lamming  The Lunacy Sponsored Run  Jan 2017
 Marie Norval  The Lunacy Sponsored Run  Jan 2017
 Shayna Fletcher  The Lunacy Sponsored Run  Jan 2017
 Paul Bryan  Sponsored Run  Jan 2017
 The Joseph Boaz Trust  Donation  Jan 2017
 The Hull & East Riding Charitable Trust  Donation  Dec 2016
 Amy Stamp  Sponsored Hair Cut  Dec 2016
 Michael Cornish Charitable Trust  Donation  Nov 2016
 The Hugh Neill Charity  Donation  Oct 2016
 The Normanby Charitable Trust  Donation  Aug 2016
 NunBurnholme Trust  Donation for Allotment  June 2016
 Rest Harrow Trust  Donation  May 2016
 The Mollie Croysdale    Charitable Trust  Donation  May 2016
 Joseph and Annie Cattle Trust  Donation  May 2016
 In Memory of Graham Stamp  Donation  April 2016
 The Middleton Fund  Donation  April 2016
 Anon  Donation  Dec 2015
 Joseph Boaz Charitable Trust  Donation  Aug 2015
 Michael Cornish Charitable  Trust  Donation  July 2015
 The Hull & East Riding Charitable Trust  Donation  June 2015
 Joseph and Annie Cattle Trust  Donation  April 2015
 Middleton Fund  Donation  Feb 2015
 Anon  Donation  Feb 2015
 James Reckitt  Donation  January 2015
 In memory of Mr Dent  Donation  Jan 2015
 Joseph Rank Benevolent Fund  Donation  Decr 2014
 The Rest-Harrow Trust  Donation  Dec 2014
The Leigh Trust, London  Donation  Nov 2014
 In memory of Mark Cadden  Donation  Oct 2014
 The Community First Funding  programme  Training for the Womens Group  Bridlington  Oct 2014
 Lincolnshire Co-op Westcliffe  Scunthorpe  Community Grant Scheme donation  Sept 2014
 RDaSH Charitable Funds  North Lincs Recovery celebration  Sept 2014
 Charlotte Hope  Sponsored Jane Tomlinson 10K Run in  Hull  Aug 2014
 Sylvia & Colin Shepherd  Charitable Trust (York)  Donation  July 2014
 Nuch Fisher  Ramadan Donation to Oak Cafe  July 2014
 Sarah Fields  Sponsored for the Jane Tomlinson 10K  Run Hull  June 2014
 The Michael Cornish Charitable  Trust  Donation  June 2014
 The Liz and Terry Bramall    Foundation  Donation  June 2014
 The Hull & East Riding  Charitable Trust  Bridlington Womens Wellbeing Group  June 2014
 Joseph & Annie Cattle Trust  Grant  May 2014
 The Lords Feoffees and  Assistants of the Manor of  Bridlington  Womans Group Bridlington  April 2014
 Mary Moore & Wed morning  coffee club at Haven Methodist  Church Grimsby  ASPIRE  April 2014
 Diane Ruston  Dry January Donation  April 2014
 Samantha Shipman  Dry January Donation  April 2014
 Evans Cornish Grassroots  Fund  NELincs Women’s Group  Mar 2014
 Sally Harper  Recovery Walk (NE Lincs) Donation  Mar 2014
 Angela Roberts  Dry January Donation (Womens group Bridlington)  Mar 2014
 Alison Tubbs  Dry January Donation (Womens group  Bridlington)  Mar 2014
 The Bergne-Coupland Charity  Donation  Feb 2014
 Family Donation  In Memory of Les Bennett  Jan 2014
 Nicola Watters  Sponsored Recovery Walk North Lincs  Jan 2014
 Helen Kirk  Sponsored Recovery Walk North Lincs  Jan 2014
 Terry Hill  Sponsored Recovery Walk North Lincs  Jan 2014
 Joseph Rank Benevolent Fund  Donation  Dec 2013
 ASDA Burringham Road  Scunthorpe  Green Token Scheme for STRIVE  Nov 2013
 RDaSH Charitable Fund  Art materials for ASPIRE  Nov 2013
 Anonymous  Donation (BTMyDonate)  Nov 2013
 Anonymous  Donation (BTMyDonate)  Nov 2013
 Homebase Hessle  Paint for Hull Recovery Cafe  Nov 2013
 Haven Methodist Church  Grimsby  Donation  Nov 2013
 ASDA Hessle RD Hull  Green Token Scheme  Oct 2013
 Leeds Building Society  Charitable Foundation  Gardening tools for ASPIRE Allotment  Sept 2013
 ASDA Grimsby  Green Token scheme  Sept 2013
 Shayna Fletcher  Sponsored recovery walk  Sept 2013
 Rob Osbourne  Sponsored recovert walk  Sept 2013
 Victoria Acton  Sonsored recovery walk  Sept 2013
 Anne Williams  Sponsored recovery walk  Sept 2013
 Michelle Donson  Sponsored recovery walk  Sept 2013
 Charli Donson  Sponsored recovery walk  Sept 2013
 Sunny Donson  Sponsored recovery walk  Sept 2013
 Dale Coggan  Sponsored recovery walk  Sept 2013
 ASDA Grimsby (Claire Tilby)  NE Lincs Recovery Walk  Sept 2013
 Relative  Donation  Sept 2013
 Annonymous Foundation  Charitable Trust Donation  Aug 2013
 Michelle Holland  Personal Donation  Aug 2013
 The Community Games  Grant to Support the North Lins Recovery  Cafe Recovery walk in September  July 2013
 North Lincolnshire Homes  Donated Proceeds from Jumble Sale  July 2013
 Charlotte Hope  Sponsored to run the Humber Bridge 10K  Run  June 2013
 Sarah Fields  Sponsored for the Jane Tomlinson 10K  run in Hull  June 2013
 The Incorporated Trustees of  the Nunburnholme Trust  Grant to refurbish The Alcohol Project  group room  June 2013
 The Community Games  Grant to support the Recovery Walk in  Grimsby  May 2013
 The Reuben Foundation  Charitable Trust Donation  May 2013
 The Molly Croysdale Charitable  Trust  Charitable Trust Donation  April 2013
 Mr G Dawson  Personal Donation  Mar 2013
 Mr G Dawson  Personal Donation  Jan 2013
 The Joseph and Annie Cattle  Trust  Charitable Trust Donation  Jan 2013
 The Coutts Charitable Trust  Charitable Trust Donation  Dec 2012

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