Where Your Money Goes

Thanks to the support of brilliant people like you, our services are helping over 3,000 people and their families every day and we could not do any of this without you. Your donations make a very real difference to people, their families and the communities within which they live. You can read real stories here

Where your money goes

While many of our services are funded through Local Authorities and Health much of what we do is not possible without the donations from individuals and organisations. Giving our service users everything they need for them and their families to rebuild their lives is costly.

  • Recovery games

Each year your donations enable the Recovery Games to take place. Now an established event in the UK Recovery calendar the games bring people from all over the UK together in a fun packed day of celebration and remembrance. Read more here

  • Mentors

Just £35 trains a volunteer mentor. Volunteer peer mentors play a crucial role in our services. Some have lived experience of addiction and can help people who have similar problems to those they’ve overcome – they’re living proof that recovery really is possible. Others are drawn from the community and bring their life experience as well as contacts within the community. Both enrich what we’re able to offer service users and help them make the vital first step towards recovery. Read more here

  • Improving Health

Thanks to the support of local charity Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust (DCLT)over 60 service users were given the opportunity to swim and use gyms to improve their health at over 10 locations across Doncaster borough. Read more here


Ensuring more of your generous donations go directly to services

As a charity, we know how much effort and thought goes in to raising every pound which comes our way. The stories of what people did to raise money describe immense effort, imagination and sometimes downright bravery – who would run 10K dressed as a hotdog in temperatures over 25C? So we’re committed to using funds in the most efficient ways possible.

For every £1 donated to ADS 90p is spent on direct service delivery. The remaining 10p goes on fundraising and running costs.

On average the ADS is spending 11% more on direct service delivery than the Top 5 fundraising charities in the UK.  Top charities by fundraising income 2016/17

(NB Sightsavers International excluded as 76% of donations are in kind medical supplies)

What if we raise too much or too little for an event?

When we are seeking donations for a specific event we will always set and publicise our target (How much we need to raise to run the event). Sometimes we may raise more or less than the target. So what do we do then?

  • If we raise more than the target and the event is an annual or regular one, we will use the additional funds to support the next event. If the event is a one-off then we will use the additional fund to support a similar event with the same beneficiaries.
  • If we raise less than the target and the event cannot go ahead, then the funds will be used to support similar activity which supports the same beneficiaries.
  • If you do not want your donation to be used in this way and would like the donation returned or used in another way it’s simple. Make your donation by post and enclose a letter letting us know what you would like to happen in the circumstances above and send it to our registered office address below.