Supporters of the year 2015

Reintegrating into the community is critical to sustainable recovery and although there is much we can do, true reintegration also depends on the community accepting people into it. The Haven Methodist Church is a fantastic example of this and has made a tremendous difference to members of the recovery groups.

It all began in 2013 with the recovery groups, Aspire and Last Orders looking for a community base away from formal services to hold their meetings.

The Haven Methodist Church in Grimsby had a room to rent and the group approached them to see if it was available. Our ‘Recovery Funds’ that we make available to such recovery groups were used to rent the room for a year.

From the outset the church took a keen interest in the groups and made them welcome. So welcome in fact that they donated funds raised at a coffee morning to support the groups. We were asked to come and talk about the groups and what we did which is when MeShell the recovery turtle was introduced. You can read Me Shells story here.

From there the relationship grew and developed the groups became more involved in other things the church was doing. They supported a fundraiser for Ebola and many came to see that singing star from yester-year Ricky Valance.

As Mary Moore said in her acceptance speech at the conference “they are a part of the family now”

Thank you Mary and all those at the Haven Methodist Church in Grimsby. You have made a tremendous difference to a lot of people

Published 30th June 2015

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