Our Culture

We believe that honesty underpins everything we do and is core to our culture and values.

Our Values


We believe that honesty underpins all that we do. We seek to improve our services and in order to identify lessons we must be honest with ourselves regarding our performance.

We believe that trust is the foundation of an effective partnership approach and that partnership is the defining characteristic of our relationship with service users, employees and those who purchase services from us.


We believe that there is strength in diversity and that through embracing diversity new solutions and innovations are born.

We believe that in order to encourage diversity fairness, a non-judgemental approach and transparency are vital.

Service user and carer focused

We believe that our sole raison d’être is to deliver effective services to service users and carers.

We believe that no two people are the same, as a result personalised solutions are required and to achieve this people must be treat as individuals and services must be flexible in meeting their needs.

We believe that with the right support service users are able to identify and implement changes which will enhance their lives


We believe that evidence based services that are continuously developing in the light of experience produce the most effective outcomes for service users.

We believe that the effective use of resources and a value for money approach will maximise the number of service users we are able to support.


We believe that the best services are delivered by people who care about what they do

We believe that hope and belief are nurtured in others when they encounter people who care.

What you should expect from The Alcohol & Drug Service


A safe environment in which to work which promotes respect, dignity, courtesy and consideration

To be treated as an individual and recognised for your achievements

To be treated fairly and equitably

For decisions, policies and procedures to be transparent and clear.

Learning and Development

To have a clear job description

To have regular supervision

To have a regular appraisal and a personal development plan

Communication and involvement

To be offered a variety of ways to contribute your opinions, ideas and views.

To be listened to and to be able to voice concerns without fear of victimization

To have clarity regarding the reason behind decisions affecting you


To have benefits in addition to salary which reflect an investment in your wellbeing

To have access to flexible working policies

To have access to occupational health when needed

What The Alcohol & Drug Service expects from you


To contribute to a safe environment in which to work

To treat others with respect, dignity, courtesy and consideration

To treat others as individuals who have different strengths and recognise the achievements of others

To treat others fairly and equitably

To explain rationally your thoughts and opinions.

Learning and Development

To accept the concept of reflective learning and be open to constructive feedback.

Offer constructive feedback to others

To take an active part in regular supervision

To take an active part in your appraisal and personal development

Communication and involvement

To contribute your opinions, ideas and views constructively and rationally.

To offer constructive feedback and share your experience and knowledge

To support others to contribute their views and opinions


To adopt a positive attitude to delivering and developing services

To place the wellbeing of the service users and carers at the centre of all you do

To take reasonable care of our own and your colleagues health, safety and welfare

To engage positively with the line management system and the organisations policies and procedures