success stories

For many reasons recovery is not always visible. The fear of stigma and discrimination makes it difficult to celebrate out loud. But people do recover. Please read our success stories and draw strength and belief. You are not alone. There is a way out.


Using drugs from a young age, Masie was in the care system by the time she was thirteen

Dispute over boozy lunchtimes ends in the High Court

For the first eight and a half years the business did very well. However within the team, a habit had started to form at lunchtimes.


After an unhappy childhood and fleeing an abusive relationship, Nicola turned to prostitution 17 years ago to support her young children. To block out the guilt and shame she felt about her chosen profession, she turned to drink and drugs and soon became addicted to heroin.

Sarah Winn

Sarah has worked as a Personal Trainer for the last ten years and always enjoyed keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.