ADS is a charity that provides services and support for alcohol and drug users in the Yorkshire, Humberside, Doncaster and Lincolnshire region.

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Doncaster Drug & Alcohol Services

Aspire is a partnership organisation set up by Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH) and registered charity The Alcohol & Drug Service (ADS). We pride ourselves on being innovative and forward thinking, and work closely with the recovery communities we serve to provide flexible, responsive services, which offer the best possible recovery outcomes for all our service users.

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East Riding

Young People's Service

The Young People’s Substance Misuse Service provides information, advice, support and treatment for young people up to 18 years old with drug and/or alcohol problems in the East Riding.    

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East Riding Criminal Justice Service

The service is a non-intensive DIP programme offering a range of support to those within the criminal justice system. Including: • Alcohol Diversion Scheme • Referral & Outreach Service • Throughcare & Aftercare • Drug Rehabilitation Requirements (DRR’s) • Alcohol Treatment Requirements (ATR’s)

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Supporting Change for Families and carers We know that family and carers of people with addiction can feel helpless by what is sometimes described as the chaos that surrounds them. It affects not just the person with the problem but those closest to them. We offer a range of different support for family and carers and offer the opportunity for people in recovery to volunteer as mentors.

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The Juice Bar

The vast majority of people who use image enhancing drugs are not professional athletes but people looking for a healthier and better looking body. The use of such substances is growing and differs from the use of other illicit substances because it is not initially driven by an immediate euphoria, but by the desire to change appearance and performance. Although growing in popularity it can be difficult to get accurate help and advice. Our new service offers free, confidential and accurate advice. For more details contact 01482 344690 (Monday to Friday 9am – 5 pm).

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East Riding Partnership

The East Riding Partnership (ERP) provides a range of substance misuse services to adults across the East Riding of Yorkshire delivered through: the Direct Access service; the Shared Care service; Community Drug & Alcohol Teams; Criminal Justice Services; Aftercare; Structured Day Programme. These elements work effectively together through a multi-disciplinary team framework, which allows individual packages of care to be tailored to need. The service is delivered in partnership with the Humber NHS Foundation Trust.

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