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Aspire is a partnership organisation set up by The Alcohol & Drug Service (ADS) a registered charity and Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH). We pride ourselves on being innovative and forward thinking, and work closely with the recovery communities we serve to provide flexible, responsive services, which offer the best possible recovery outcomes for all our service users.


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Community case management and treatment

Agile case management

Following a comprehensive assessment, we allocate each person a case manager throughout their journey and introduce them to a peer mentor. We agree a recovery plan including, where appropriate, referrals for a range of needs.

There are seven teams of case managers who work across the borough and plan, deliver and coordinate the delivery of each persons recovery plan. This enables people to keep a named case manager while still being able to access any element of Aspire.

The teams are ‘agile’ and with the additional use of local hubs the teams are able to see people as close to their geographical location as possible. This enables us cover the borough effectively, makes it easier for people to access and engage with Aspire and ensures we can support people in the community where they live.

The teams have a professional skill mix across health and social care and include qualified social workers and nurses. The teams also have a range of skills and training critical to supporting recovery including counselling and specific psychosocial interventions.

This enables the provision of a comprehensive package of care alongside our specialist prescribers.

Specialist prescribing

Led by a consultant specialising in addictions, our specialist team of doctors and non-medical prescribers work closely with the agile case managers. The service is delivered in the hubs across the borough as well as centrally ensuring there is an option which suits everyone in service.

The team offers recovery orientated medical support which includes substitute prescribing and detoxification. Our detoxification options include community, a social detoxification within New Beginnings and inpatient.

Specialist prescribing is an integral part of many peoples recovery plan and reviews are conducted in coordination with the case manager based in the agile teams.

Community case management and treatment

New Beginnings

New Beginnings is an integrated specialist detoxification service and structured day programme based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. We are able to offer a comprehensive recovery programme which supports people’s reintegration into the community.

We provide medically assisted programmes in a purpose built unit  designed to offer the maximum amount of support for people aiming to  achieve a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

The unit has 10 detoxification bedrooms and three flats, all supported  by a team of our highly trained specialist practitioners.

Our Structured Day Programme uses a variety of approaches delivered within a therapeutic environment. Provided through one to one and group sessions, we offer a wide range of psychosocial interventions together with a comprehensive range of life skills training and interventions to support reorientation and reintegration into the community.

Our recovery focussed, person centred approach is evidence based and assists people to achieve their full potential by placing them at the heart of the support and care they receive.

We encourage personal development and growth. We work with people, their carers and support networks to improve their transition into the community and maximise the opportunities available to build on their recovery capital.

New Beginnings

Options Recovery Programme

A Recovery programme, Options has a number of groups and events running offering people an opportunity to engage in relapse prevention, motivational groups, complementary therapies and one to one support. Attached to the programme is a recovery cafe/lounge

Coffee lounge

Informal peer support for people who have attended a substance use assessment.

Open Monday to Friday: service users meet informally in a safe and supportive environment.

A place to meet new friends and mix with people in a similar situation who understand what you’re going through. Staff are always around who will offer support and advice. A service user led session is also available on Saturdays.

To access this, ask the team in SPOA.

Options Recovery Programme

Single Point of Access (SPOA)

An open access service the SPOA is the main pathway into Doncaster’s Drug and Alcohol Services and is designed to make accessing help as easy as possible. For anyone service users, carers, family members or professionals the team provide an easy way in to Aspire and advice, support or signposting.

First contact and engagement with services is critical to a successful outcome. As such we have a dedicated and highly skilled team specifically for this part of the service.

The team is supported by peer mentors who are there to welcome people into Aspire and offer support and reassurance.

Address: Rosslyn House, 37 Thorne Road, Doncaster DN1 2EZ Tel: 0300 0213900

Single Point of Access (SPOA)

Alcohol Early Intervention & Outreach Team

The alcohol early intervention & outreach team offers a 6 – 12 week programme designed to support people specifically around their alcohol intake.

The team offers bespoke support tailored to peoples circumstances including, understanding.

  • The impact that alcohol has had or could potentially have on their lives if they continue drinking at current level
  • Exploring triggers and coping strategies
  • Setting and working towards agreed goals.

The team has received some amazing feedback from clients who have completed the programme as well as their relatives. You can view these here

To speak with a member of our team call us on:
01302 730956 and quote ‘Early’
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Alcohol Early Intervention & Outreach Team

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