Fundraising at Work

The support of individuals, organisations and charitable trusts makes a real difference to the lives of many people who are affected by substance misuse in the Humber, Lincolnshire, Doncaster and Yorkshire region.

Payroll Giving – Give More Whilst Paying Less!

For Employers

Payroll giving is a great way in which you can support your staff whilst promoting commitment to social responsibility with minimal cost. In fact there is no cost other than the small amount of time taken to administer payments and tax relief can be claimed for this as an allowable expense.

For Employees

Payroll giving is a great way of giving on a regular basis with minimum hassle that allows you to give more whilst paying less because of the tax efficiencies it attracts.

As a basic rate tax payer a donation of £10 a month directly through your payroll saves you £2 tax (20 per cent of £10). The actual cost of the donation to you is therefore only £8.

As a higher rate tax payer a donation of £10 a month directly through your payroll saves you £4 tax (40 per cent of £10). The actual cost of the donation to you is therefore only £6. This does not affect National Insurance contributions and deductions as these are calculated prior to payroll giving deductions. Whilst we can help you to support any charity of your choice, local, national or international, we can showcase the difference your contributions have really made on a local level.

How To Get Involved

Employers simply need to register with a government approved payroll giving agency the process is very simple and is an excellent way of demonstrating corporate social responsibility.
Employees simply need to identify which charity they would like to support by filling in a donor form and returning it to either their employer or the employer’s payroll giving agency.
Click here to see a film about the benefits of PayRoll Giving

Active Fundraising In The Workplace

Fundraising at work can be a great way to build a team spirit, have a bit of fun and – of course – raise money at the same time. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about what kind of activity you and your work mates might be up for. You might even be able to persuade your boss to do something silly or unusual!

Here’s Some Ideas To Get You Started

MIND YOUR LANGUAGE – why not introduce a swear jar in the office for a week and donate the proceeds

RUN, BIKE, WALK – get sponsored to run, bike or walk to work for a week and keep fit at the same time.

TEA TIME – pay someone to make everyone’s tea at 50p a cup and donate the money at the end of the week

CHOOSE A COLOUR – get sponsored for wearing something in an outrageous colour to work every day for a week

MASTERMIND – why not organise a quiz, pay to enter and donate the proceeds

The possibilities are endless. Good luck and have fun!

If you want to support The Alcohol & Drug Service any way, just call us on 01482 320 606. – we’d love to hear from you
Collecting and donating

You can Download a Donation Form
You can also Download the ADS Sponsorship form if you want.

If you prefer to collect your sponsorship money online, you could use BT MyDonate. It’s free for you and us so every penny of the money that donors contribute (excluding credit and debit card charges) is paid into our bank account by BT.

For more information and to see how you get the money to us click HERE.

Just phone 01482 320606 and ask for Jenny and she will set up a donation page for your event.

Visit our profile on the MyDonate website.

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