11th Mar 2024

Groundbreaking E-Learning Unveiled for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Commissioning

Yorkshire-based drug and alcohol training charity launches the first programme for commissioners to support the goal of achieving optimal health outcomes for individuals affected by problem alcohol and drug use.

As the demand for effective drug and alcohol treatment services continues to grow, the need for well-equipped commissioners becomes increasingly vital. To address this, Generis, has announced the launch of an interactive E-Learning package, designed to provide comprehensive training for professionals entering or expanding their roles, in drug and alcohol treatment commissioning.

Commissioning, a crucial but often misunderstood process, involves assessing needs, planning, prioritising, purchasing, and monitoring health services to achieve optimal health outcomes. It goes beyond mere procurement, offering a broader approach that aligns with national strategies and standards.

Professor Dame Carol Black, renowned for her impactful contributions to public health, emphasised the importance of joint commissioning plans in her government review - “From Harm to Hope." She called for local authorities to collaborate with health, employment support, housing, and criminal justice partners, stressing the need for accountability and outcomes.

Acknowledging the fragmented state of commissioning in various local authorities, the training addresses the gaps in provision, especially for non-opiate users, as highlighted by Professor Dame Carol Black.

Laura Jarvis from Generis says: “We have developed an e-learning platform in collaboration with key professionals in the commissioning field. It serves as a vital introduction for those who are new to commissioning, experienced commissioners venturing into drug and alcohol treatment, and managers in treatment provider organisations working with commissioners, seeking a deeper understanding of the process.

“The training aligns with the national drug strategy, emphasising the necessity for strategic and commissioning leads to have protected learning time to enhance their expertise in alcohol and drug harm, treatment, and recovery. It also responds to Standard 1.2 of the commissioning standards, advocating for capacity and competence development in every local authority throughout the UK.

“The team at Generis is pleased to make this significant contribution to the enhancement of commissioning capacity and competence nationwide.”

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