Christmas Wish Trees in the East Riding

East Riding Partnership is heading into Christmas with hope in its heart, a spring in its step and a six foot Christmas tree in each base!

The picture shows three chief Elves with the first tree ‘toppers’ in front of the recovery peacock. Fantastic job

The trees are Christmas Wish Trees and service users will be invited to put their Christmas recovery wishes on baubles or decorations and hang them on the tree. The idea of Team Leader Sally Williams, the trees will be a way to celebrate hope for the future and bring the recovery community together over the festive period.

As soon as the idea was suggested the response from service users and staff alike was really positive.

Before the trees were event bought there were Christmas Elves busy in the Christmas Craft Grotto producing toppers and other decorations for the trees and for the bases across the East Riding.

The team will be entering the trees in the local NHS Christmas Tree competition – Good Luck

It just goes to show, recovery is fun. Happy Christmas – keep your eye on our facebook page for pictures of the wish-trees

Published 27th November 2017

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