Free Webinar: Managing alcohol or drug use as people return to work.

A free webinar will advise employers as their workers start to return work and the signs of increased use of alcohol and drugs throughout lockdown affects the company.

Generis is a service set up by The Alcohol and Drug Service to work with companies around the UK who have identified a problem with alcohol (and drugs) amongst workers, particularly in safety critical industries.

A free webinar on 23 July aims to give concerned employers a better understanding of what they can do and how to help and retain the workforce.

Laura Jarvis from Generis explains:

“Alcohol is a stress reliever, a few glasses of wine can banish the blues of the day but during the lockdown period, there is evidence that general consumption has increased.

“You may see it yourself, people using social media enjoying a regular tipple in the garden. It is noticeable that many have been starting earlier in the day and drinking more frequently.

“Prior to lockdown, substance misuse was already a growing issue within the workplace, and now if alcohol consumption and drug use has increased, businesses will see the effects as they start to get back to work.

“Some of the signs are quite obvious; performance might have dropped and you may even smell alcohol from the night before. In some cases just being hungover at work can be a risk but we also know workers are consuming alcohol and taking drugs during work time.

“At best this might reduce productivity and at worst contribute to an accident or incident.

“We launched Generis to address this need and to help employers reduce the impact of substance use on their business, whilst at the same time supporting the workforce and saving the time and money invested in recruitment and training. Our objective is to help individuals, so they keep their jobs in the long-run.

“A number of straightforward solutions can prevent alcohol use from damaging a business and to find out more, we invite managers and supervisors to our webinar to find out more about our online training.”

“Generis is part of The Alcohol and Drug Service, a charity based in Hull working with people in recovery around Yorkshire for more than 30 years, over which time the approach to alcohol and drug usage has changed from blame to support and from addiction to recovery.”

The free Webinar on Thursday 23 July will help to find out more about the issues of drugs and alcohol on the workforce and the approach Generis takes.

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Published 13th July 2020

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