A month ago I wouldn’t have believed I could possibly stop

My week has gone well I have not drunk any alcohol for 3 weeks.

There are no tips to pass on, I wish there were. The thing is there aren’t two of us alike, we are all different, thank goodness for that.

The only thing I will say is that a month ago I wouldn’t have believed I could possibly stop. Without jumping ahead of myself, I know for sure I have finished with booze forever, it is a weird spooky feeling, but who can know, if it can happen to me then why not you?

There will be tough times, but I will fight them. If I can fight half as well as I did in 1977, when I had a complete breakdown, became bankrupt, went to court and got divorced, all in four months, surely with my key workers help, we can beat the booze.

Published 9th October 2012

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