I am not saying it is easy but give it a go

Oct 24th Day one
Crossing the threshold at The Alcohol Project was one of the hardest but best decisions I’ve ever made. On entering I was introduced to Dawn who was to become my key worker. Dawn made me feel welcome and asked a few questions to find how dependent I was on alcohol. This took 30 – 40 mins and on leaving another appointment was arranged.

October 27th
I met with Dawn and discussed what plan of action was needed and a referral to Baker Street was agreed for a medical assessment so that I could then have a medical detox.

I attended Baker St and discussed my alcohol problem and arranged a date for the detox. All the time this was going on I felt well looked after and comfortable with the process.

January 23rd
I started a home detox and followed this by weekly appointments at Baker St with Rachael and Maria. I found this experience educational and was among people in the group at varying states of recovery.

Shortly after starting Baker St I also attended ABSTAIN. This group is great and run by recovering alcoholics and is very helpful as people understand how you feel.
I then returned to The Alcohol Project to attend a 10 week recovery programme, one morning a week. This helped me to identify risks and how to cope, another great course, well run by very friendly and professional people.

July 6th
I had my last meeting with Dawn, I must add that Dawn has been unbelievable, very supportive and understanding which I thank her for.

I now feel healthier, I don’t have to lie and be deceitful to my family or friends and there are so many other benefits and all I did was cross the line. I am not saying it is easy but give it a go and believe me you won’t look back.

Chris Fisher – The line crosser.

Published 25th July 2012

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