I have been in drug treatment for many years

I started 2015 in hospital. After being very ill for some time, when I returned home my breathing was so bad I had to use a wheel chair and will be permanently on a ventilator. Coming to terms with my new life in the wheel chair was not easy and at times I have felt quite low.
This year I have adapted my life, I have 2 mobility scooters one for the house and one for outside, I have been well supported and try and get out and about most days.

When I recently heard about a charity opening up on Christmas day to help feed the homeless I decided that I would like to help out in some way. I have put together 25 goody bags to contribute to the homeless that will be handed out by the charity on the big day, these bags include socks, toothbrushes and paste, lip balms, biscuits and other goodies. It has made me feel good that I can help those less fortunate than myself.
Doing this has made me think that maybe with time I would like to be able to help others, I will only be able to do small pieces of work due to my ill health, but it is a goal.

I have been in drug treatment for many years and although my drug use has never been huge I have struggled with my addiction and following my struggles I dabbled for some years. I am now stable and reducing out of treatment to complete my recovery; my life has not quite turned out how I hoped however without drugs I am hoping for a different life.

Published 22nd December 2015

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