The answer is simple, I asked for help

My Journey, The Path part 2


I’ve turned left, I’ve turned right; I’ve gone up hill, I’ve gone down hill; I’ve gone around the roundabout; down a cul-de-sac, down a one way street, but none of these journeys were wasted.

They were part of my journey for a better life.  Each route had to be taken until I found the right path.

There’s been heartache, there’ve been tears; there’ve been highs there’ve been lows, but like in every journey the negative can help you appreciate the positives.  I am now twelve months Sober and the positives in my life now outweigh all the negatives.


I am now moving into a new property. I’ve restructured my life so I can cope with day to day tasks so I don’t get weighed down or pressured. I have taken my chosen path with care so my family and friends will be happy to walk it with me now.


No wrong turn this time, how did I know which turn to take?  The answer is simple, I asked for help.

Help to stop drinking

Help to cope with life

Help to deal with my demons

Help to cope with my anger

HELP is a four letter word, a word so easy to pronounce but we all have a lot of difficulty in asking for it.

It can’t be that bad a word can it?  Even John Lennon wrote a song about it.


Anyway I’ve got to go, need to start packing I’ve got a new house to move into YIPEEEEE!!!


Brian x

Published 6th February 2013

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