Ben: I had a heart attack

Hi, I’m Ben, a recovering heroin user and long-term methadone user too.

I’ve been reducing my methadone at a very steady rate, you see, I have reached that decision where I would love to be drug free and that includes prescribed medication. I’m fed up of being tied down to the chemist.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a heart attack. While I was in hospital, I got thinking about my situation. The Doctors told me I would have to make changes in my life and then I thought how similar this was to my recovery from using heroin and the decisions I had to make about stopping. I had to make changes to my life through stopping my drug use. It was a lifetime change to make my life better.

The lifestyle change for my health is a matter of life and death and that leads on to another strong tool for lifestyle change and that is motivation. Yes, I’m fed up going to the chemist and also the stigma I feel from people when they learn I’m on methadone, especially from some of the Doctors I came across in Hospital.

I feel I am highly motivated to want to change my lifestyle and also people’s prejudices, so each Monday I go to the chemist to collect my prescription and with each reduction, I know that one day will be my last day.

With the support I get from ADS, my choices are for a healthier life, and the outcomes are a better life for me.

Published 2nd December 2011

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